Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Seal Team X submitted to Apple Store

While it may appear we have been on the dark side of the moon we have been busy making the last few pages of Seal Team X: The Blood of Bin Laden.  Bin Laden seems to be a distant memory but our comic will make you forgot all about that- that is is the Apple Store lets us.  We should know something in about 2 weeks so we'll keep you posted.  The Seals were in the news lately-ironically is seems helicopters are the most dangerous place to be if your in the military.  Granted they we're fired upon and tragically we lost some of the best fighters in the military- but considering we spend over a trillion dollars per year on the military instead of investing in multibillion programs developing vapor wear its time the Pentagon start investing in basic programs like helicopter defense systems.  Radar and computer controlled gun systems could have prevented surface to air missiles from killing our elite fighting forces; however Korea seems to be the only country willing to invest in state of the art technology from  US defense contractors.

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