Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Process of drawing a comic page. Pt. 2

Last time I showed you what you get when you take a general gesture drawing and build your way up to a soon to be comic page. Here's what we started with:

 Next I mentioned how you can refine the scene even more & start to form more distinctive shapes. 

 Afterwards I started showing you the beginning of the detailing process. We left off with this:

You seen how the drawing has evolved with each step. In the detailing phase you pretty much finish what you started in the gesture phase. Your characters take complete shape and your environment has it's distinct look. With all that said check out the completed detailing phase. All this can be done in pencil then when you're sure it's how you want it to be you can ink it.

Pretty sick right? The detailing phase takes a bit of time but the end results are eye popping and eye plseasing. Remember if you're ever stuck on any part of the detailing process grab a reference to aide you. No one is telling you to be a pro & even Mr. Da Vinci used some visual aides. Keep drawing comic lovers and I hope these little segments helped you a bit. Next time you'll get some coloring love!

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